“Time and Space Saving Travel and Summer Outfit”

Are you one of those fashionista girls who are tired of carrying heavy travelling bag even in a one night trip? Struggling on what clothes and accessories to bring that will save time and space? There are many things girls have to carry in their travelling bag and everything requires a lot of space. Here is a simple trick from me to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Me and my friends went on a one night and two days trip to Dakak Park and Beach Resort and I carried only a small Sandugo Traveling Bag.

20170218_124855 Here’s my idea on the first day of our trip that would help you save time and space. 

Travel Outfit To  Chic Summer Attire

Comfy Travel Outfit With Style: Dress layered with an over-sized denim jacket and paired with white sneakers and cap. This attire can be changed easily in to a chic summer attire.20170218_084649

Chic Summer Outfit: Here’s how to change your travel outfit quickly and easily into a chic summer attire. Just take off your denim jacket and replace the cap to a bowter’s hat. Simple isn’t it? 


This idea will not only save your time but it will really save a space in your small traveling bag. So there’s no need for you to worry what outfit to wear when you arrive to your destination. 

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