The Wardrobe Winning Piece Every Girl Must Have

Everyone from rock stars to style icons embraced the denim jacket for decades. Not only a stuff of western wear, this casual classic is a staple of fashion girls everywhere. Oversized denim jacket or boyfriend denim jacket took the trend by storm this year 2017 on fashion runways and streets. Popular celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian are rocking the streets in their oversized denim jacket paired with different styles of clothes. Because of its versatility, oversized denim jacket becomes the wardrobe winning piece and a must have wearable item. Here are some tips on how to wear an oversized denim jacket.

COMFY LOOK: Denim jacket with dress 0f32c9c9ed7c655618a74ab3743fe574

SEXY LOOK: Denim jacket with slip dress.91b911832e75e8295dc5c8ecc81b21b0

BASIC LOOK: Denim jacket with plain white top.48bfb5e78bb1d043a25747da32122c53

CHIC LOOK: Denim jacket with pencil skirt.9ff4b6c2593f6a0bb3bde3c359c52e82

SUMMER LOOK: Denim jacket with floral dress.733997c29ce5fee9fe2208bd8c9597ec

Complete the look with your favorite shoes and accessories!

My Comfy Style

Denim jacket over cami dress
Denim jacket with statement dress
Denim jacket over stripe dress

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Denim Jacket from Johanju’s Collection / Stripe Dress from Crissa and RedgirlPh / Sneakers from PrimadonnaPh and Zalora / Cap from Penshoppe / Slingbag from SM Store (If you are looking for affordable oversized denim jackets that won’t break your pocket and within your budget, girl you should visit “Mera” one of my favorite online shop. FB: @shopatmera / IG: @shopatmera)

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