Re-wear and Style

Re-wear and style! I re-wear most of my clothes in a different and stylish way.  In this outfit I layered my gray cami dress over my peach off shoulder dress. When you layer your clothes, just make sure that the fabric won’t make you feel hot especially this summer season. I wore this off shoulder dress last month during our holiday getaway at Dakak Park and Beach Resort. (click to see my Dakak post) I paired it with a cute summer hat and sunnies for a summer look. 20170219_085258

Every woman’s wardrobe is part active and part inactive. We have clothes that we wear, unworn and waiting to re wear. These worn clothes lie dormant, ever hopeful that they will one day adorn our bodies again. To make my clothes not a waste in my valuable wardrobe space, I re wear it in a new and stylish way. So how did I style this off shoulder dress in a new way?

I layered a cami dress over my off shoulder dress. Instead of wearing a summer hat and slippers, I wore a grey turban and a chamber grey bow flat shoes. I bought this flat shoes more than a year ago at SM Parisian and I’m still wearing it this year. This is the importance why we should invest in a quality shoes with a trusted brand. Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

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Outfit Details: Dress from Johanju’s Collection(local boutique), Summer Hat from, slippers from @havaianas, sunnies from @fievreonline, Cami Dress from Candylicious(local store), Turban Headwear from local store and Flat Shoes from @smparisian

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