6 Steps on How to Do the Korean-Inspired No-Makeup Look

My love affair with Korean cosmetics started when I became an addicted viewer of Korean Dramas and K-Pop. I became very curious that moment when I saw Jun Ji-Hyun and Lee Sung-Kyung onscreen gently pat the cushion puff to their rosy white glowing skin. Since then, I started purchasing korean beauty products and became a huge fan of it. Korean cosmetics are all the rage, especially throughout asia. If you are familiar with the words sheet mask, 10 steps skincare routine and BB cream, then you’re probably up on K-Beauty trend. Thanks to Rucy’s Vanity for fueling my K-Beauty obsession! So here are some of my 6 easy steps on how to do the korean-inspired makeup look and achieving that rosy white glow:

Gleamy Whitening BB Cream, P200, Rucy’s Vanity

1. Prepare your skin for makeup application. 
I was really amazed when I applied this BB Cream on my face. My skin became smooth, flawless and ready for the next makeup step! I blended it with my fingertips and the cream really covered my wrinkles and skin imperfections. (5 Effect Skin Solution: UV Protection, Anti-Wrinkle, Whitening, Makeup Base and Foundation)

Two Way Cake, P250, Rucy’s Vanity

2. Apply a Two Way Cake Mineral Foundation
I super love this two way cake foundation from Rucy’s Vanity because it made my skin flawless and smooth without putting too much on my face. This is really perfect for those who have oily skin because of its mattifying effect. It’s a combination of foundation and powder with added protection from UV rays and whitening. Now I found the best foundation for my skin type!

Liquid Eyeliner, P160, Rucy’s Vanity and Gleamy Lavish Waterproof Mascara, P180, Rucy’s Vanity

3-4. Put On a Winged Eyeliner and Waterproof Mascara
To be honest, I’m not a fan of eyeliner because of my shaky-hand but this eyeliner from Rucy’s Vanity is so perfect for me! I don’t really know how to draw a winged-eyeliner but for the first time in the history of my makeup routine, this eyeliner completed my look! I was really amazed that I was able to draw a perfect eyeliner. And I was like “OMG! I did it!” The brush is so thin, so easy to apply, long lasting and it doesn’t smudge. I also love the mascara because it has a waterproof effect that naturally coats my lashes making it appear longer and volumized.

Lip and Cheek Red, P80, Rucy’s Vanity

5-6. Dab a Lip and Cheek Red
This dual purpose liquid stain made my lips and cheeks rosy and natural-looking. It contains green tea and collagen that help moisturize and smooths your lips. I only used my fingertips in dabbing so I can control it easily.

Now, I can do the korean-inspired no makeup look everyday with these 6 easy steps. And oh! Thumbs up to the very cute and girly packaging. Thank you so much Rucy’s Vanity for this opportunity to collaborate with you! Visit Rucy’s Vanity online store at http://rucysvanityph.com for more affordable high quality Korean Beauty Products. They offer makeup, skincare, nail polish and accessories. You can also follow me on instagram @iamfatima24 for more updates. Thank you so much for reading!💗


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