The Pretty and Girly Polka Dots

“A flirty, retro and whimsical vintage trends like polka dots never go out of fashion.”

Hello it’s February and time have been going so fast. This 2018, another fashion trend was showcased during fashion runways. Polka dots have been so popular these days and fashion bloggers proved that polka dots isn’t just for little girls but a versatile trend that all of us can wear. Street style stars also proved that the pattern can be styled in different ways and can be worn on streets. Polka dots are a fashion must-haves for every woman. It’s a pattern for all seasons and a timeless option for girls of all ages. Big, medium or small-sized, this pattern suits everyone.

In this outfit, I’m wearing a polka dot longsleeve blouse from the latest collection of Cotton On. Then I paired it with black trousers. To complete the whole outfit, I paired it with silver shoes and a nude slingbag. The whole outfit looks classy and comfy right? Share your ways on how to wear this polka dot blouse by writing down a comment at the comment box.

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✔Polka Dot Blouse- Cotton On
✔Black Trousers- Forme Clothing
✔Silver Shoes- Celine Ph (CLN)
✔Nude Slingbag- Celine Ph (CLN)

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14 thoughts on “The Pretty and Girly Polka Dots

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