Five Things To Know Before Your Engagement Session

So I got engaged last April and the first plan as engaged couple was taking engagement photos. We agreed to have an engagement session to capture the emotion of the milestone of our relationship. If you are planning to get married and have an engagement photoshoot, my personal experiences might help you. In this blog, I want to share some lessons that I learned during my pre-wedding session and tips on what you should know before taking engagement photos.

Think what concept do you want. What theme that reflects you and your partner. In my engagement shoot, I decided to have a bohemian style or something related to summer because my wedding is scheduled at the end of May.

Choose a location that could fit to your concept. Since there’s no beach near our place, we went to the forest and unity park. The greenery and floral background could fit to our concept.

Choose outfits that would make you feel comfortable. We picked some ideas from pinterest for our outfits. We make sure that we are comfortable with it. Since I don’t want to expose my arms, I make sure that my outfits are long sleeves.

Book the photographer ahead of time. Inform him/her about the concept and location. Tell him what do you want to achieve in your engagement session.

Look for posing ideas on pinterest. Try to practice with your partner to find your best angle.

Here are some of my engagement photos.


Photographer: Jeremias Lusterio Photography
Hair & Makeup: Pebon Cantero Burlat
Wardrobe & Styling: Groom & Bride
Location: Dao, Pagadian City

Hope you find this post helpful guys. Thank you for reading!

IG: @fatima.omandam

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