THE FUTURE IS FEMALE: 3 Fashion-Forward Ways to Style a Power Suit

Few things in life are certain — but feeling empowered, beautiful and badass while rocking a perfectly tailored pantsuit is one of them.

Hello everyone! 2 days to go before Christmas. In this blog, I’ll be sharing to you one of the outfits that I had worn during my recent trip in Davao City. The future is female! Hot off the fall 2018 runway the power suit trend is quickly emerging this year. We have seen many bloggers, fashion enthusiast and even celebrities wearing a power suit. A suit is by definition a set of outer clothes made in the same fabric, designed to be worn together and yet, in the human psyche, it is synonymous with power, masculinity, business and competence. Who says, business attire only intended for office workers? I really don’t agree on that! Business outfits can also be used as a casual or street outfit. By putting a twist in the way you style it and adding extra accessories, your business outfit will turn into a street chic and comfy outfit that would be perfect for night parties with friends or gatherings. There’s just something about wearing a power suit as a woman that’s, well, powerful. Not only is it appropriate for work and play but with so many different styles, colors, and textures you can infuse your personality and fashion sense into whichever you choose — and that is also a powerful feeling. 

This year, pantsuit or power suit has become one of the favorite outfits of many fashion enthusiasts and office workers who like putting a twist. This wardrobe essential can be styled not only once but twice or more. If you are that person who loves styling a piece in different ways, or a person who loves buying capsule wardrobe, then this outfit is perfect for you. I decided to wear not only formal and comfy but also can be used in strolling easily around the city. Get inspired with these 3 fresh ways to style the power suit perfect for this season. (Read until the end for outfit details.)

White Statement Shirt. I do believe that a white statement shirt never goes out of style. It can be styled in many different ways. You can make it as an inner shirt in a power suit, you can pair it in slip dresses or you can pair it with a simple pants. In this outfit, I’m wearing a white statement shirt as an inner wear in a trendy power suit. I bought this “Fashion and Fashion” shirt at a very affordable price in Mango store SM Davao. If you are planning to do a holiday shopping, visit Mango store available nationwide. They are offering a 50% discount in all of their items.LRM_EXPORT_20181221_211503

Minimalist White Sneakers. Skip the heels and go for style and comfort by incorporating your favorite joggers into your Power Suit look. To me, white sneakers go with everything, and the power suit is no exception. If I feel that the color of my shoes does not compliment in my outfit, I always choose white sneakers to make it safe. If you haven’t read my previous post about this, visit here. It’s one of my favorite go-to shoes!LRM_EXPORT_20181221_215011.jpg

Trendy Fanny Pack. Of course, let us not forget this trendy bag. This fanny pack always makes my street outfit complete. It is super handy and can be paired in most of my clothes. Visit here if you haven’t read my previous post. I have a separate blog about this trendy bag and how to style it.LRM_EXPORT_20181221_213436

Outfit Details:
Pinstriped Suit from SM Women/SM Store
Statement Shirt from Mango
Fanny Pack from SM Parisian
Sophie Sunglasses from Nicole SyJuco
Geo Drop Earrings from Forever 21
Buckle Belt from Forever 21

More Photos BelowLRM_EXPORT_20181221_215851LRM_EXPORT_20181221_213805LRM_EXPORT_20181221_214230LRM_EXPORT_20181221_212715LRM_EXPORT_20181221_212329LRM_EXPORT_20181221_212028LRM_EXPORT_20181221_213113LRM_EXPORT_20181221_211752LRM_EXPORT_20181221_210342LRM_EXPORT_20181221_205826LRM_EXPORT_20181221_205509LRM_EXPORT_20181221_204829LRM_EXPORT_20181221_204431LRM_EXPORT_20181221_203737LRM_EXPORT_20181221_200228LRM_EXPORT_20181221_195712LRM_EXPORT_20181221_195014LRM_EXPORT_20181221_192954
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29 thoughts on “THE FUTURE IS FEMALE: 3 Fashion-Forward Ways to Style a Power Suit

  1. I love the idea of turning a dress suit into casual wear. It’s been a while since I’ve had a pants suit but may need to start looking for the perfect one. I do love the pink stripes! Wearing the fanny pack as a crossbody is the only way I’ll do that fad, but it’s really a great look that way!

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