3 Easy Ways to Look Instantly Slimmer and Taller

“The power of a bad picture is undeniably strong. In fact, it can be completely depressing, devastating, and utterly confidence-crushing. That might sound dramatic, but even if we’re totally happy with the way we look in the mirror, just one glimpse at an unflattering photo can ruin our day and leave us obsessing over silly things like how to look skinny.” –Stylecaster

Hello my dear fellas! 2018 had gone by very fast, haven’t they? And here I am still thinking why is time passing so quickly these days? Hope you’re starting your 2019 with positive energy and a grateful attitude. In this blog, I’ll be sharing to you some of the easy ways to achieve your best 2019 first pose! After the Christmas and New Year’s Celebration, some of us had gained weight and feeling tubby on pictures. If you’re feeling a little tubby and chubby in front of the camera after the holiday festive eating, there’s some good news – the extra pounds will take 10 seconds to shift amazingly in photos. Never allow those bad photos to ruin your day. So be guided with these 3 easy hacks to look thinner and taller in pictures.

WEAR THE RIGHT TYPE OF CLOTHES. If you want to make your body look slimmer, there are some tricky hacks to play with outfits such as vertical prints and black wardrobe staples. Vertical prints create an illusion on your body while making someone look taller and thinner than they actually are. Aside from the prints, black has always been one of my favorite wardrobe staples. I think everybody knows black will really make every girls look thinner, cooler and more sophisticated.  It’s very common to every woman that when it comes to emphasizing or hiding certain parts of our bodies, you have to choose the right type and color of clothes. Based on my personal experience, dresses with horizontal prints always make me look fatter and shorter while vertical prints always make me look taller and thinner. This is the very main reason why I always love wearing clothes with vertical stripes.Ways to Look Instantly Slimmer and Taller

SHOOT IN AN UPWARD ANGLE. I highly recommend playing with this technique when taking a photo. I usually ask my non-photographer friends to squat down or shoot me at an upward angle to make me look taller and thinner. Honestly, when I first tried this technique, I was a bit hesitant thinking that my face or body would look fatter and wider in this angle. But this upward angle technique did a great job to most of my photos and in fact it gives me more height. If you are one of my followers on Instagram (@cozyfat), you will really notice that some of my photos were taken in this position due to the fact that I only stand 5’2 and having a chubby-curvy body.Ways to Look Instantly Slimmer and Taller

ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER. The technique is to position your feet as if you’re taking one step. It’s the secret to true #OOTD magic. This pose will not only make you look taller and thinner but it will also make you look like a pro blogger doing an outfit pose. If you want to showcase everything in your outfit, try and master this technique!Ways to Look Instantly Slimmer and Taller

Pinstripe Blazer- Mera
Black Jeans- ForMe Clothing
Eyewear- Sunnies Studios
Beltbag- Parisian
Sneakers- World Balance

Always keep in mind that these tips or hacks only serve as guide to look better and achieve that best photo that you desire. No matter how fat we are, we should always remember that we should not make this a reason to lose our self-esteem and confidence. Be you and be authentic! We are not leaving in this world to please others but we are living to please ourselves. I believe we are beautiful in our own little way. So dress up and pose not to gain attention but to show some self-love and appreciate our own beauty. 

How about you? What are your easy hacks to look thinner and taller in photos? Let me know some of your tips by writing it in the comment section.

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43 thoughts on “3 Easy Ways to Look Instantly Slimmer and Taller

  1. I definitely needed this post! I’m 5’0 tall and always look short and squat. I am definitely going to remember these tips. Put one foot forward!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gosh well I need those tips, especially after indulging over the Christmas period! Using these tips going forward thank you!


  3. Appearing taller really isn’t my problem! I’m already pretty tall myself! However these tips are interesting and useful for others. Now I see why people do the one foot in front thing.


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