Travel Guide and Things To Do In Bantayan Island 2019

Bantayan Island is definitely one of the best islands in the Philippines with beautiful beaches and tourist attractions. It is one of the popular tourist destinations in Cebu. Its well-known municipality is Santa Fe where you can find the fine, pristine white sand beach, crystal clear waters and stroll around other beautiful attractions just within the vicinity.


If you are planning to visit Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island, I strongly suggest to rent a motorbike which only costs P300  or bicycle that costs P150 for 24 hours to fully enjoy and roam around the Bantayan Island at your own pace and to save more time and money. There are many rentals available, you can ask around. You can also ask the hotel and resort care taker about the bicycle and motorbike rentals.

Alternatively, there are many tricycles in the island that can carry 4 to 5 persons but it gets costly in the long run if you plan to visit the spots. (500 to 600 pesos for 5 destinations)

Anika Island Resort (Resort Hopping)


Ogtong Cave in Sta. Fe Beach Club (Resort Hopping)


Paradise Beach (Resort Hopping)


Obo-Ob Mangrove & Eco-Park


Sofia’s Beach Resort (Resort Hopping)



The Ruins Cliff Diving Spot



If you are from Mactan Airport, you can ride a My Bus to SM Cebu City. From SM Cebu City, you can ride a taxi or grab car to North Bus Terminal for convenience. Ride a bus going to Hagnaya. Travel time is approximately 3 hours. From Hagnaya Port take the Express Ferry Boat to Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island. Travel time is approximately 1-hour ride to Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island.


• Bus – 175 pesos
• Ferry & Terminal Fee – 180pesos + 10pesos


If you are looking for a very clean and spacious room at a very low price, I suggest you try Sofia’s Beach Resort Bantayan Island. They have rooms good for 4 persons for only 2,000 pesos per night. They also have 1,500 pesos room good for 2 persons. For more inquiries and reservations please contact the following numbers or you may also visit their Facebook page:
0922-200-5426 (Sun)
0906-315-7603 (Globe)


• Transportation: I strongly recommend to rent your own motorbike which only costs P300 for 24 hours to fully enjoy and roam around the Bantayan Island.

• Accommodation: There’s no need for you to stay in well-known hotels and resorts especially when you’re on a budget. You can also ask the people of Sta. Fe. They are very friendly especially to the travelers. You can ask where you can find affordable guest house and hotels. No need to worry where to stay, they have lots of guest houses there for budget travelers.

◘ Bus – P170
◘ Ferry & Terminal Fee – P180 for adult
◘ Ogtong Cave & Pool – P200 per head
◘ Paradise Beach Resort – P50 per head
◘ Mangrove Eco Park – P50 per head
◘ Sunset/Sunrise watching – FREE
◘ Motorbike rental – P300 for 24 hours
◘ Accommodation – P400-500 a night
Food- 15 to 30 pesos per viand located outside the resorts or near bantayan port


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