Cooperative Learning With Computer

(EdTech 2)

Answer the following using Microsoft Powerpoint and send to

  1. What is the difference between peer competition and positive interdependence in a group?
  2. What can be done in case  some members of a group do not show positive interpersonal and communication skills? Can a teacher help in this situation?
  3. Are skills in listening, negotiating, compromising, punctuality, tolerance (giving others a chance to speak) part  of the social skills needed in group work?
  4. How can group members ensure that each member of the group is also accountable for the group work, and not totally dependent on others? In practical terms, how can the teacher grade individual students fairly  in a group activity for one single output?
  5. While cooperative learning is a very good avenue for teachers to help students learn effectively, why is it not to be adopted in all classroom learning situations?